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Why St Cuthberts?


…..some of the things we do to make our school special for everyone:


We teach the National Curriculum and enrich it with a range of exciting activities and events:

  • We go on many trips linked to our learning in class to places of interest such as local museums and art galleries.

  • We have Clubs and extra-curricular activities such as football, multi skills, karate, art club, dance, volleyball, Olympic athletics and homework club.

  • We have Enrichment Hour each Friday when children sign up to different activities. Paper modelling, drama, cookery, art and craft, board games and sports are some of the activities available.
  • The whole school has a BIG WRITE each Friday during which they produce an extended piece of work which the children have been building up to all week.
  • Our KS2 classes do an English filming project each year. Last year they made a film called A Tale Unfolds. This year they are working on the El Dorado project. We hope to upload some of their movies at the end of Autumn Term.
  • We have Topic Weeks through the year. Last year we had an Explorer’s Week, a Pottery Week, a Book Week, a Refugee Week and a Performing Arts Week.
  • We have whole school special days. Last year we had a Skipping Day and a Drumming Workshop Day.

We teach Spanish: from Year 2 all children learn Spanish and Year 6 go on a residential trip to Barcelona where they practise the Spanish they have learned.

We have a specialist music teacher to take all children for class music and singing

We have a specialist PE teacher to take all children for PE and games

We have a large number of assistant staff to support learning, particularly for those who need help with learning English and with those who are struggling with classroom learning.

We prioritise Pastoral support and regular circle times. We have trained Learning Mentors who will support the children through emotional and social difficulties.   Additionally we work with outside agencies to support our children: PAWS B (through West London Action for Children); CAMHS, Working with Men; Early Help; Hidden Harm; Play Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

We give specific encouragement to High Achievers to advance their learning and are assisted in this by Bonas McFarlane, an education and tutorial company, who send regular tutor volunteers to our school to give extra support, particularly to High Achievers.

We have a lively Newsletter each week with blogs written by the children, showing children’s work and giving useful information to parents.

We have the support of a very active PTA.

We have a Sewing Group for mums which meets each Wednesday at 9:00-11:00.

Breakfast Club is available each morning at 8:00-8.45.

We have a school garden and work with our school gardener on a rota basis each week. We grow vegetables, we plant flower seeds and herbs. We help to harvest our crops. Some of our crops include: tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, lettuce, marrow and beans.