The Best Beaches in Bali for Surfing

Indonesia is best known for its astounding nature, and for those of you who love to ride the sea waves, Bali is one island in this country that is described as surfer’s paradise. Bali is surrounded by all kinds of waves, from the steady ones to the large rolling pipes. If it’s your first time in Bali, you’ll get directed to the tourist beaches, which offers great waves but not as excellent as the hidden beaches. That’s why we’re going to let you in on the best beaches in Bali for surfing. Head to Shaka Surf for the best sustainable surf products, and enjoy riding the Bali waves in these spots.


Located in Canggu, Echo beach is one of the most famous spots to surf in Bali. In the mornings, you can get pretty big waves, which is perfect for those of you seeking to break pipes. Later in the day, the waves get steadier and easier. The wave sets can change during the day, so you might need to sit a little longer for the perfect waves. This is an excellent opportunity to lay back on your surfboard and get a tan or chat with other local surfers waiting on the line.


Known to surfers as ‘Blue Point’, Suluban is one of many secluded surfer’s treasures. It is famous for its narrow beach, where you can sunbathe before going into the ocean to catch waves. Going to the exact location is quite a challenge, as you’ll have to go down steep staircases that are quite treacherous. You’ll also need to go past a few rock walls and a cave. The waves here are powerful and consistent, so if you’re an intermediate to a professional level surfer, this is the beach for you. You can also relax and watch other surfers at the shacks on the cliffs, with their traditional fried rice and delicious coffee.

Padang Padang

This next beach is just around the corner from Blue Point beach. It offers consistent barrels when you paddle to the middle a little, but also powerful barrels when you know the right time for it. Padang Padang has been the host beach for international surfing events, such as the Rip Curl Cup. The waves are best left for the professional surfers, but you can also relax at the beach as it is a beautiful, white sand. If you are there in the afternoon, you can head up to the cliffs not far from this beach, where there are beach clubs on the cliffs that are great for viewing the sunset.